Living your best independent life

Supported Living

Our Supported Living homes are often an individual’s first step to becoming truly independent. We provide a safe space for people to develop and grow in a friendly environment. Dotted around the City we have a great choice of accommodation to suit different needs.

Accessing your world

Community Enabling

Community Enabling is at the heart of what we do. We can provide support in your home, or based from from your home, to access the community and different activities across Exeter.

A Day Service with a difference

The activity hub

We have created a great space in the City centre to provide relevant and fun group-based activities. Our emphasis is to teach and promote independent living skills in an environment where you can have a say in what you learn, and a place you can share your thoughts and ideas with your peers.

Improve confidence

  • Life skills training
  • Help with benefits/bills
  • Accessing professional help
  • Other support
    • Understanding nutrition
    • Cleaning & maintaining bedrooms and communal areas
    • Preparing shopping list, going shopping
    • Safe food hygiene and storage
    • Cooking and baking
    • Budgeting for food, bills, clothing, recreation etc
    • Laundering & ironing clothing & bedding etc
    • Accessing welfare benefits
    • Managing benefits
    • Filling out forms etc
    • Maintaining tenancies
    • Ensuring rent and other bills, debts etc are paid
    • Opening up a savings account
    • Accessing training, education & employment opportunities
    • Accessing specialist drugs and counseling services
    • Registering with GPs, Dentist, and Opticians etc.
    • Arranging and attending appointments
    • Liaising with social workers, care co-ordinators and other representatives
    • Monitoring physical health & diet
    • Health & Safety training in the kitchen and home
    • Operating & maintaining kitchen equipment safely
    • Fire safety training
    • Liaising with Benefits Agency etc
    • Health & Safety advice
    • Organising social events & holidays
    • Supporting community, social and recreational activities
    • Religious and cultural observances
    • Maintaining contact with family and friends
    • Complying with terms of the tenancy
    • Building security & controlling access to building & individual bedrooms
    • Dealing with disputes with neighbours or other tenants

Our belief

At Garland Support we firmly believe that anything is possible and that regardless of ability, we can support you to achieve your ambitions.

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